Client needs: We greatly appreciate the donations of $$s, Food, Clothing, Toiletries, Beauty Products and Books we have been receiving. However, below you will find some additional needs/wants that you may not have thought of.

  1. We have children in the center and would love to put up
    Holiday Decorations: Fall/Halloween, Christmas and Easter.
  2. Holiday Candy: Halloween, Christmas and Easter
  3. Secret Santa New Christmas gifts. We usually have 10-11 adult ladies and 6-8 children in the center. It would be best to contact us when you are ready to donate so we can give you a count. We can not accept any military or weapon type toys.
  4. Plastic Storage boxes to go under clients beds. We try to keep away from cardboard boxes due to possible bug infestation.
  5. Metal Clothing Racks. Open only-no bag type, due to possible bug infestation.
  6. Our clients sometimes come in with no job prospects. If you know of any openings in the Stone or Tenney County area, drop us an email at or message us on our Harbor House Domestic Violence Center FB page.
  7. Since quite a few clients come in with just the clothes on their backs, they usually have no funds to legally fight their abuser. If you are an attorney or know of an attorney that would be willing to donate your services to our clients, please give us a call. 877-507-7233
  8. Some clients do not qualify for Medicare, but are stuck not being able to pay for medical assistance or prescriptions. Donations may be designated to go towards these needs.
  9. We need VOLUNTEERS to give of their time at the shelter. could be one to however many hours you desire. We have a vehicle that we use to transport clients to and from work and any appointments they may have. We also need volunteers to man hotline calls or assist clients when they come to the office window.

Shelter needs: Our shelter is a Communal Living facility. As of date we have been fortunate that we have had NO one contract the COVID-19. The pandemic has raised the question, “What would we need to do if a client does test positive?”. We do screen our hotline callers before allowing them into the center and take the precautions of temperature checks and mask wearing when in public and sanitary cleaning of the center. The only option we have at this time is to send the client to a hotel for the 14 day quarantine. This will get very costly and is not in our 2020 budget.

We have an area that can be constructed into a Quarantine Room that would house a single person or a woman and her children. It would have a kitchenette and private bathroom. We are applying for grants, however before we can send in the application, we need to receive 3 written bids from licensed contractors.

Our future goal is to enclose the Singles room into 10 private rooms to give the clients some privacy. We also will be enclosing 6 areas for the Mother/Children rooms. This construction will need 3 written bids as well and will be completed as enough donations and/or grants become available.

Our donations have considerably gone down due to the pandemic. Please consider making a donation to help us do what we can to keep these Domestic Violence Survivors safe and give them a chance to rebuild their lives.

We are working on setting up a Paypal account for donations. At this time you may mail your donations to: Harbor House Domestic Violence Center-PO Box 2152-Branson West-65737.

Thank you for “helping us with our efforts to heal families that have been broken”!